COVID-19: Three Actions

Brian Low here at Brian Low Financial with three things you need to do right now during the coronavirus outbreak. What’s your next step? Are you concerned with your money? Take action today. We are going to let you in on the three action steps to take right now.

Number one is your risk report. We want to know your risk exposure, no matter who you’re working with. This is a free consultation we’ll do for your meeting, whether it is an online Zoom meeting, a phone meeting or even an in-person meeting. We’re going to figure out what your expectation is, what’s the best-case scenario on how much money you could make and how much risk or how much money could you lose. So, for instance, on a million dollars, if your risk number is 72, with a great market like a bull market, you can make $300,000. If you have a risk number of something like 31, you can make only $121,000. So that’s a big difference from $300,000 to $121,000. If the market corrected like a 2008, let’s not forget, a lot of you forget what happened in 2008 and ’09. A million dollars with a risk number of 72, that’s real close to the S&P 500 that would have lost $368,000, almost 30-something percent. That’s 36%, and a risk number of 31 would have only lost a hundred thousand. So it’s a big difference in return and a big difference in loss.

So we want to bring your risk number down. The question is, what is your risk number? Also, the financial crisis. Let’s not forget we had a financial crisis, but over $500,000 loss on a risk number of 72. If you bring your risk number down at 31, it would only be a loss of maybe $160,000. So $160,000 versus $500,000 on a million dollars;  it makes a big difference. It can make a big difference in your life to retire early, retire in one to two years, or if you’ve been retired, to stay retired for a long time and not have to go back to work. So your risk number does matter. We want to do this for free and get you on the calendar. You can email us at Or email She’ll give you a time and date to do just this.

The second thing would be a retirement income analysis. We want to do a road map. We want to do a road map of what you’re doing. Most of you have a growth plan. Most of you have a 401(k). A 401(k) is never designed for income. A 401(k) was designed for long-term growth. A stockbroker uses stocks and mutual funds for a long-term growth. There’s a universe of other options outside of what they’re doing to help you reduce your risk. The question is why? Why are they not telling you about solutions to protect your money? Why are they not telling you about asset protection? Why are they not telling you about ways reduce your fees?

So that’s my question. Pick up the phone, give us a call, let us email you the coronavirus update sheet to answer your concerns and figure out what your next step may be. Now, retirement income analysis is easy to do. It’ll take us about 45 minutes.

And then the last thing is a holistic financial plan. Right now, it’s three questions: risk exposure, retirement income analysis and holistic plan. I want to challenge you to take the next step. You’re at home for the next week or so. Pick up the phone and give us a call. We’ll do a Zoom meeting with you, and we’ll figure out what your next step may be. Again, my class is starting in the next week. Look for it. It’s going to be at five o’clock in the evening. It’s going to be for about two hours, but we can give you the time and date for that.

Usually that class is done in Mandeville, it’s done in New Orleans and it’s done in Baton Rouge. But right now you have no excuse to not take the class, to dust off your knowledge, to figure out what your next step will be. We’ll talk about nine different asset classes. Nine different asset classes, which are going to be some that you maybe didn’t have knowledge of or maybe you had knowledge of it, but now it’s now time to implement some of those things you thought you might have wanted done in the past.

Now again, I’m Brian at Brian Low Financial. Take the next step. Give us a call. Let us email you the form. It’s the coronavirus update form. And you’re going to click on a button that says risk exposure. That’s what you want to cover. Realistic income plan analysis. You’ll check a box. Or the third box, holistic plan. So out of three options, you’re going to want at least one, you might want two. The question is, what’s your next step? Go ahead and log in and pick a time or date that works for you. Have a great day. Brian, at Brian Low Financial. Get the B-Low difference.

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